Ballet for Children (From age 2 years old)

The Ballet for Children range of courses at Le Grand School of Dance provides an introduction into the world of Classical Ballet, created to stimulate the child's creativity, imagination, musicality and physicality. With the incorporation of classical ballet techniques, the children gain confidence and poise to build classical ballet techniques as the course aims to encourage their learning in a fun manner.

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Classical Ballet

In Le Grand School of Dance, we provide a strong curriculum to enhance our students' ballet techniques and performance skills as each level is advanced to train the students in a safe and nurturing way. The school aims to nurture the students’ artistic appreciation as they develop a high level of discipline, self-motivation and determination, which are vital skills and attributes that can be applied anywhere in life.


The school aims to help students achieve:

  • Improved posture, muscular coordination and control, enhancing student’s movement abilities and physical fitness

  • Deeper understanding of the body and spatial awareness

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem

  • Development of listening skills to increase their sensitivity to music as the students express their feelings and emotions through movement


We provide examinations from Pre-primary Ballet to Vocational Advanced 2 Level for Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Commonwealth Society Teachers of Dancing (CSTD)




Flamenco is highly expressive, passionate and rhythmic, is one of most popular dance form of Spanish Dance, which originated in Andalusia in Spain. It is characterized by hand clapping, percussive foot work, intricate hand, arm and body movements, improving postures, core stability and upper body strength. Flamenco dance improves physical motor skills as it teaches you how to isolate movements and strengthens muscles.


In addition, the course is structured progressively as the students learn to dance with props such as castanets, fans and shawls, enhancing their learning experience.

The vibrant dance form creates a fun and exciting experience for the students as they are taught the various Flamenco dance techniques and choreography.


Hip-Hop (From age 4 years old)

In this Hip Hop course, students will be introduced to the concepts, basics of groove and also movements. The progressive structure of the course enables students to learn different styles such as Popping and Locking. History of the dance will be shared to encourage deeper understanding of the dance form. Isolation, Up-Beat, Down-Beat, Bounce, 18-Beat, Jacking, Rocking are various techniques that will be taught to prepare students with the skills to improvise and freestyle to any Pop or Hip Hop music.