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About Us


Le Grand School of Dance was founded in 2005 when the paths of two renowned dance teachers with the same passion crossed. Jennie Ng and Xu Jie established Le Grand to celebrate the art of dancing, by providing a platform for all inspiring dancers, as well as to pass on the spirit and love for dance.


Through the years, Le Grand has won numerous awards, prizes and scholarships in the International Ballet Grand Prix Singapore (IBGPS) RAD Dance Challenge, Asia Pacific Dance Competitions and CSTD Dance Competitions, both locally and overseas. The school has also organised ballet intensive courses in prestigious schools such as Central School of Ballet (London, UK). The school believes in providing opportunities for our students to gain exposure, where our students actively take part in performances and festivals such as the Chingay Festival, Feria de Abril and productions by People's Association such as The Nutcracker in Singapore. 

At Le Grand School of Dance, we are advocates for holistic dance education. We manage the demands of our rigorous dance training through a creative and nurturing environment where our dancers can flourish and achieve personal excellence. We understand the importance of cultivating in our students, the passion and love for dance. Our highly experienced and skilled faculty conduct lessons attentive to the age, skill level and objective of our students, making sure that our lessons are fun, safe, enriching, and liberating.

For in the words of Agnes de Mille, "Many other women kicked higher, balanced longer, or turned faster. These are poor substitutes for passion"

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