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The Spirit & Love for Dance Never Dies 

Ever since their first ballet class with Legrand, Wanxin, Shunmin and Chiok Woon had never stopped dancing. Being trained under Ms Jennie Ng from the tender age of 3 till their graduation from NTU, their passion for dance led them to found Sigma Contemporary Dance⁣

Being a part of Sigma ensured that dance will always remain a constant regardless of their different roads in life. All 3 of them are now married - Wanxin is a working mother of 2, Shunmin completed her Masters at SMU through a scholarship and Chiok Woon left the Finance industry a few years ago to pursue dance full-time⁣

Legrand is always proud of the achievements of our students, both past and current, and our alumni certainly made us proud⁣

Check out Sigma @sigmacontemporarydance on their Facebook and Instagram. Their recent production “Survei:ance”, sponsored by the National Arts Council (NAC), is an online contemporary dance performance that is created entirely online during the circuit beaker period. “Survei:ance” is inspired by the notion of online observation - through video surveillance, webcams, social media platforms and more⁣

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