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Eugenia has started learning ballet at the tender age of 3 with our principal Ms Jennie Ng. During her junior schooling years, she has taken part in various dance performances, as well as representing the school in group competitions such as the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF).

Throughout her dancing years in Le Grand, she has been exposed to several dance genre such as Flamenco, Contemporary, Lyrical Jazz and Hip Hop. She has not only participated in the Le Grand's performances, she has also participated in competitions such as the Asia Pacific Competitions, performed in Flamenco Festivals such as Feria de Abril Singapore and Chingay Festivals for several years. In the recent People's Association Dance Production, "Love & Destiny", Eugenia has been casted to dance the role of the "Maidens".


Under the tutelage of our principal, she has completed RAD Advanced Foundation Level. Eugenia is deeply committed to support and nurture young dancers, sharing with them her knowledge and passion in dance. 


Ballet Teacher 

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