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Dance Knows No Boundaries

Clarissa Ann started her first ballet class at the age of 2.5 years old. Under the tutelage of our Principal, Ms Jennie Ng, she has attained high distinction in her examinations and won several competitions in Singapore and Australia. Apart from ballet, she took up Flamenco and Jazz in Le Grand to further her experience in dance. In pursuit of more knowledge, she delved into the likes of Contemporary, Hip Hop and Yoga too⁣⁣
Her passion in dance made her a highly versatile dancer, but ballet has always remained as her constant, her first love⁣⁣
And that’s when she found Barre, a hybrid workout class combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Ballet, Pilates, Yoga and strength training. Barre is something new, but yet familiar. Clarissa has been teaching Barre since her university days. Even after entering the corporate world, her passion for dance continues to live on.⁣⁣

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