Hip-Hop Teacher

Being the 3rd generation of the Locking scene in Singapore, Jin is well versed in the style of Locking and Hip Hop for over 12 years. Started dancing at 12 years old to the music of the 90s and early 2000s boyband and of course, the legend Michael Jackson. Jin strongly believes in the values Street Dance inspires and also to always learn more. He has competed overseas and have taken many recognised Street Dancers' workshops and classes such as Mr Wiggles, Tony Gogo, the late Greg Campbellock Jr, Locking Yaobai, Locking Woong, Locking Khan, Locking Moon etc.

He has won various solo and team competitions such as Street Cred 2015, Project Superfly Vol 1 and 2, NTU FUNK JAM Locking 2015 etc. 

Jin emphasises on education in Street Dancing, believing that knowing history and respecting others is as important as the dance skills itself. He continues to push the Street Dance culture and hopes to bring this culture where he learnt so much to the new generation of Singapore.